Donor FAQ

How do I start an endowment fund with Haywood County Schools Foundation?

If you would like to start an endowment fund, please refer to our Investment Policy and Endowment Agreement and contact Jenny Wood at or 828-456-2400

If I were to establish an endowment fund is there a fee for service?  If so, what is the cost?

The Haywood County Schools Foundation Board of Directors, along with the Investment Manager, charge a 1.5% fee for the management of the endowment funds.

What is the minimum amount required to establish an endowment?

The Haywood County Schools Foundation Board of Directors requests a minimum of $25,000 to establish an endowment.

Will I be allowed to name the endowed scholarship?


How will the funds be distributed?

The funds will be distributed to the college or university of the recipient each August and/or December.

Read the Haywood County Schools Foundation by-laws here.