Cruso Friendship Club Jervis/Alexander Scholarship

The Jervis/Alexander Scholarships were established in 1998 by Dick and Pitsy Alexander. Essie Jervis and Pitsy Alexander were retired teachers from the Cruso Community. It was their desire to help a young man and a young woman, in need, from the Cruso/Bethel area graduating from Pisgah High School and going on to a college. The initial funds for the two scholarships were provided and are now, each year, raised through donations and fund raising events organized by the Cruso Friendship Club and hosted at the Cruso Community Center.

•  2.5 GPA, minimum
•  Financial Need
•  Graduating High School Senior from Pisgah High
•  Acceptance at a school for higher learning
•  Participation in extracurricular activities and community service
•  Demonstration of Leadership Potential
• Must provide a brief statement explaining connection to the Cruso/ Bethel Community

A committee, selected by the Cruso Friendship Club, will make the final selection of the recipients of the Jervis/Alexander Scholarship. The selection process shall consist of a review and evaluation of the application. The decision by the CFC committee shall be final. The Haywood County Schools Foundation, Inc., a tax-exempt charitable foundation, will administer the scholarship fund.

The scholarship award must be used in either, the first semester of the graduation year or no later than the following spring semester. If the award is not used by the spring semester, the funds shall be subsequently given to the alternate male or female providing they are enrolled in a school of higher learning at that time. The CFC reserves the right to revoke the scholarship if the guidelines are not met. If the student receives a full scholarship from any other source, they will be ineligible to receive the Jervis/Alexander Scholarship.