Pactiv Evergreen Packaging Math & Science Grant

The intent of this grant program is to provide funding to schools and teachers for math and science projects through the Haywood County Schools Foundation instead of direct requests to Pactiv Evergreen Packaging.  Pactiv Evergreen Packaging has placed a high priority on the math and science curriculum areas due to their importance in preparing students for the future.


  1. Grant applications will be accepted through Friday, November 4, 2022.
  2. Grant awards will be made by the Haywood County Schools Foundation by November 30, 2022.
  3. Grant applications must be complete in order to be considered for funding.
  4. Grant requests generally should not exceed $400.00.
  5. Partial funding may be provided.
  6. Evergreen Packaging and/or Haywood County Schools Foundation Board personnel may visit classes to observe projects.
  7. Requests should be submitted electronically using the below form.


Pactiv Evergreen Packaging Math/Science Grant Application will be screened for funding by the Allocations Committee of the Haywood County Schools Foundation Board.  The Allocations Committee will recommend funding to the Haywood County Schools Foundation Board based on meeting guidelines of grant, instructional educational value, realistic goals and objectives, budget and activities which have a positive and direct influence on students.  The decision of the Haywood County Schools Foundation Board is final.

APPLICATION Deadline: Friday, November 4, 2022

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Principal name *NOTE: By entering the principal's name, you are verifying that the principal has approved this grant application.

Grade or subject taught


Project title

Brief Project Description *2 paragraphs max (include merit of project - motivational or achievement potential for students, project outline)

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State Core Objectives to be addressed (state specific core objective numbers)

How does this project relate to your School Improvement Plan? Be specific.

Budget - 2 paragraphs max (please be specific)